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Brainf--k Interpreter NES Cartridge DEFCON Indie Badge

#badgelife #defcon26

Have You Ever Wanted to Program with Brainf--k on Your NES?

Of course you have! Well, now is your chance. For DEFCON 26, I will be releasing an independent badge that is a Brainf--k Interpreter on a functioning NES Cartridge.

Download the ROM File


First/Second Print

The first print copies of NES Brainf--k Interpreter Cartridge badges will be made available for purchase and pickup at DEFCON. The cost of a first print copy of this badge will be $45 and at least 50 first print copies will be made, possibly more. Shipping to the continental United States will also be available for $5. Once they're out, they're out.

Second print copies will cost more than first print copies and will be specifically marked as second print copies. These copies will be made available at a later date.

Pre-Orders [Sold Out]

Unfortunately due to popular demand, Pre-Orders are sold out. Do not fret though, as I will have copies available for purchase at DEFCON 26 for $45.

Make sure to to get updates on this badge before and during DEFCON.