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2023-05-31 Finger Log 2023-05-31
2023-05-29 Finger Log 2023-05-29
2023-05-17 Finger Log 2023-05-17
2023-05-06 Finger Log 2023-05-06
2023-05-03 Finger Log 2023-05-03
2023-04-27 Finger Log 2023-04-27
2023-04-22 Finger Log 2023-04-22
2023-04-11 Finger Log 2023-04-11
2023-03-29 Finger Log 2023-03-29

What is Finger?

Finger is an information protocol defined in the IETF's RFC 742 that allows clients to request user information from servers, usually over TCP port 79. In my case, I am using finger to serve a ".plan" file and ".projects" file that I can use as a "mini-blog" of sorts. Longer content than micro-blog services like Twitter and Mastodon, which helps prevent me from posting mindlessly or drunkenly, and shorter than regular blog posts, which takes some of the stress out of doing blog-like updates.

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