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Finger Log 2023-03-29

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Twitch: ViGreyTech

GitHub: ViGrey


Currently working on my own git server and git repository display


Trying to figure out what clashes might happen when using the "git"

subdomain of my site ( and my tor hidden service address

on the same server as my bergelmir server.


2023-03-29 - [52] 1:9

There are a few projects I wish to do and finish on this server

* Create my own git server (hopefully should be relatively easy)

* Migrate my projects from GitHub to my git server

* Display the contents of the git server using HTTP+Gemini+Go

* Create a simple IRC server that can be used on special occasions,

like if I'm demoing a project at a conference and need to be able to

control it from

* Figure out XMPP and possibly create my own XMPP server for just me

* Create my own mail server (POP3 and SMTP support at the very least)

And a few projects I want to do outside of this server

* Create a Gemini browser that I use

* Create a Mastodon client that I use

* Create a Gopher client that I use

Apparently the term for the "Make what you use, use what you make"

philosophy is "dogfooding". Weird term...

I'm also working on a calendar system called the "Limerick Calendar".

That's the [52] 1:9 thing you see above. It's the 9th day of the 1st

month of year 52 in this system. Hoping to get a good block post

written up about it, but I will probably get the git server stuff up

and running first.

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