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Finger Log 2023-03-29

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Mastodon: @vi@mastodon.social
Twitch: ViGreyTech
GitHub: ViGrey

Currently working on my own git server and git repository display

Trying to figure out what clashes might happen when using the "git"
subdomain of my site (git.vigrey.com) and my tor hidden service address
on the same server as my bergelmir server.

2023-03-29 - [52] 1:9

There are a few projects I wish to do and finish on this server

* Create my own git server (hopefully should be relatively easy)
* Migrate my projects from GitHub to my git server
* Display the contents of the git server using HTTP+Gemini+Go
* Create a simple IRC server that can be used on special occasions,
like if I'm demoing a project at a conference and need to be able to
control it from
* Figure out XMPP and possibly create my own XMPP server for just me
* Create my own mail server (POP3 and SMTP support at the very least)

And a few projects I want to do outside of this server

* Create a Gemini browser that I use
* Create a Mastodon client that I use
* Create a Gopher client that I use

Apparently the term for the "Make what you use, use what you make"
philosophy is "dogfooding". Weird term...

I'm also working on a calendar system called the "Limerick Calendar".
That's the [52] 1:9 thing you see above. It's the 9th day of the 1st
month of year 52 in this system. Hoping to get a good block post
written up about it, but I will probably get the git server stuff up
and running first.

Blanket Fort Webring

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