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Finger Log 2023-04-11

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Mastodon: @vi@mastodon.social
Twitch: ViGreyTech
GitHub: ViGrey

"ullr", a finger client that archives the output of finger servers.

This project will let me use my finger server as a blog platform of

2023-04-11 - [52] 1:22

Before I finish up the other stuff I want to do, I am first working on
a finger log archiver so I can display my finger messages on my
website, gopherhole, and gemini capsule. This won't be a bergelmir
project, but instead will be a static file/directory generator that
allows people to archive finger .plan files (technically the entire
output of finger, including .project data or whatever their setup is)

There is something nice about being able to use finger as a "mini-blog"
as opposed to a "micro-blog" like Twitter or a regular sized blog post.
Less thought is needed than making a regular blog post, but at least
some thought gets to go into my finger .plan file, so it's not as easy
to mindlessly (or drunkenly) post what's on my mind at any particular
point in time.

On a completely unrelated note, my birthday is coming up in a week, so
I'm trying to figure out if I'll be playing Lemmings on SNES like I
usually tend to. At some point I'll remember to actually save my
progress instead of starting from the beginning every single year.

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