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Finger Log 2023-04-22

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"ullr", a finger client that archives the output of finger servers.

This project will let me use my finger server as a blog platform of



2023-04-22 - [52] 2:3

There was a solar eclipse on the 20th of April (UTC) and a lunar

eclipse will be happening this new moon, so I decided to finally add

solar/lunar eclipse tracking to syzygy.

Syzygy can be found at the moment at

until I set up my own git server and move away from GitHub.

Thankfully eclipse detection only requires some basic trig when using

the X,Y,Z coordinates of the Sun and Moon. Technically, I'm assuming

the Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfect spheres whose radiuses are the

equatorial (widest) radiuses.

For solar eclipses, I'm checking to see if any part of the Earth that

can see the sun has the moon in the way. For lunar eclipses, I'm

checking to see if any part of the moon that can see the sun has the

Earth in the way. I'm not checking if an eclipse is penumbral or

umbral at the moment.

Over time, I'd like to use conics instead of circles (assumption of

the bodies being spheres) and would like to provide more detailed

eclipse data like if the eclipse is umbral or penumbral.

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