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Finger Log 2023-04-27

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"muninn", a program to make HTML, Gemtext, and (possibly) Gophermap

files for users to browse my git repos


2023-04-27 - [52] 2:8

Well, I managed to get git server self hosting working. My git repos

can be found at, for instance bergelmir, my

web/gopher/gemini/finger server's software, can be found at


At the time of writing this, there isn't a browser for the git repos,

but I am working hard on one that I hope will be up and running in the

next week or so. The project is called "muninn", named after one of

Odin's 2 ravens. Muninn is named after the Old Norse word for "Memory"

and Odin's other raven, Huginn, is named after the Old Norse word for

"Thought". Considering the concept of git is to be a full history of a

project, I figured muninn would be a fitting name for the project.

muninn will be heavily inspired by stagit, which is what Suckless and

quite a few other groups use for displaying their git repos.

I look forward to being able to not rely on GitHub (and by extension

Microsoft) in the near future.

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