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Finger Log 2023-05-03

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2023-05-03 - [52] 2:14

I got muninn working! My git repos are now browsable over https,

gemini, and gopher at so I no longer need to have my

GitHub account! It'll probably take a few days before I delete that


If you feel like checking out muninn, go ahead and go to over a web browser, gemini client, gopher client,

or just git pull git:// if you really want. A

feature I plan on adding soon to muninn is RSS feed generation for all

of the repos it catalogs.

The project links on my website (with the exception of inside previous

blog and finger log posts) have been updated, including on my resume.

Along with that, I have removed GitHub references from my resume and

parts of my website (again, with the exception of inside previous blog

and finger log posts).

A little bit of warning when searching my git repos over gopher: I

don't display non-ASCII characters on any gophermap page, so files

with unicode characters will not show any of the non-ASCII characters.

Hopefully this won't be too big of an issue.

Maybe I'll write a blog post about switching to a self-made, self-

hosted solution for my git repos. No promises though.

I'm starting to like how things are setting up. It's beginning to feel

cozy and like my very own place <3

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