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Finger Log 2023-05-17

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Twitch: ViGreyTech
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2023-05-17 - [52] 2:28

A few changes, one in my life and the other on my website...

I felt like the look was a little too "modern" for my liking, so I
brought it back a little closer to 2004. Haven't really decided on a
background yet, so at the moment of writing this, it's a black and gray
checkerboard pattern.

The other change is that I switched to a feature phone from my
smartphone. The phone plan is about 1/3rd of what I was paying per
month before, but the phone plan is only talk and text. Usually phones
with an international version that I see differ from the US version in
2 ways: The international version usually has 2 sim slots instead of 1
and the international version includes an FM radio while the US version
does not. Too my absolute surprise, my phone contains an FM radio,
even though it's the US version! (although only 1 sim card slot)...
The radio even works without any cables plugged into the phone!

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