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Finger Log 2023-06-14

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Fulla, a secrets vault program for storing TOTP secrets and passwords

2023-06-14 - [52] 3:26

My resume is now written in groff (with the ms macros) instead of
LaTeX. This change allowed me to uninstall TeX Live. The main issues
I have had with TeX Live are that there were constant updates that
seemed to happen every few days and the updates would be between 1 and
3 GB in size each time an update would occur. Groff is only about 4 MB
in size and tends to be installed by default on a lot of Unix-like
operating systems. This means I should be able to update and build my
resume whether I'm running a Linux distro, OpenBSD, Plan9, HaikuOS,
OpenIndiana, etc...

The only issue I have with groff is that it's hard to find the
general documentation I need and a search on DuckDuckGo, Bing, and
Google tends to lead me very far from what I'm actually looking for. A
benefit though is a lot of man pages are written with a similar syntax,
so I am more equipped to write man pages by switching from LaTeX to

The source code for my resume can be found at

Unrelated, but I started using NetSurf as my default web browser and
that browser makes me very happy. I learned about it when watching a
video about Plan9. NetSurf reminds me a bit of when I used Netscape
Navigator in school. It has support for HTML 4.01 and CSS2, but not
much support for HTML 5, CSS3, and essentially no support for
Javascript. I love NetSuft mostly because of, rather than in spite of,
those details.

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