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Finger Log 2023-07-05

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Mastodon: @vi@vigrey.com
Git: vigrey.com/git/

Fulla, a secrets vault program for storing TOTP secrets and passwords

2023-07-05 - [52] 4:17

I spent some time making sure the web version of my site is accessible
on as many browsers in one way or another as possible. For browsers
that don't support HTTPS, I made my website available over HTTP.

Also, I updated Bergelmir to allow a "text only" mode for HTTP sites
that takes the gmi content converted to HTML and places the images
behind a link rather than an <img> tag and removes class attributes
from everything.

The text version of my site is http://text.vigrey.com and it minimizes
data transfer size by not including any CSS or external files. This
does not include the /git directory stuff though, as those files are
not generated by converting gemtext to HTML.

Blanket Fort Webring

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