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Finger Log 2023-08-14

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Mastodon: @vi@vigrey.com
Git: vigrey.com/git/

2023-08-14 - [52] 5:27

I'm working on getting rid of my Twitch account to simplify my online
life a bit. This month (August 2023) is going to be my last month of
streaming, then I'll figure out how long I want to keep my account
around after that.

I'm also working on a seperate program for creating RSS feeds from my
gemini capsule instead of relying on bergelmir to generate an RSS feed
from scratch every time. The project isn't up on my git server yet,
but it'll likely be called "rodor-logbook". "Rodor" meaning "space" or
"heavens" and "logbook" like a ship's logbook.

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