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Finger Log 2023-09-15

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Mastodon: @vi@vigrey.com
Git: vigrey.com/git/

NES RAM initialization Cartridge ROM that adds functionality to my
project at vigrey.com/git/nes-ram-to-fceux. The ROM will allow the NES
CPU to be initialized with a repeating pattern of
00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF, all FF, all 00, or "Random" bytes depending on
what buttons are being held down at power on or reset. PPU RAM can be
initialized if a specific button is held at power on or reset as well.

Hoping to have that finished in the next day or so.

2023-09-15 - [52] 6:29

A few things have changed on my site.

* My git interface looks different over HTTP
* My finger post archive over Gemini/Gopher/HTTP is using blockquotes
instead of preformatted text to display the finger posts
* I now have an RSS feed for my finger logs and game reviews
* My .onion address is different. I explain the reasoning for this
in my blog post "Taking Accountability for My Vanity .onion Address",
which can be read over gopher, gemini, or http at
* Turns out a lot of requests over gopher and gemini for my site have
been quite broken for a while, so I spent a lot of time fixing that
* The gophermap and html files of my gopher and http sites are now all
statically generated from gemtext files rather than being dynamically

Blanket Fort Webring

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