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TYMKRS Rabbit Hole Gift

January 2018

This is the first NES game I created.


February 2018

TBAS Interpreter V1

April 2018

Pressing Buttons

July 2018

Circle of HOPE Presentation

July 2018

DC26-6502 (Brainfuck Interpreter DEFCON 26 Indie Badge)

August 2018

DC26-6502 2nd Print

October 2018

Brainfu Interpreter

December 2018

CypherCon 4.0 Schedule (ROM file is also the PDF file of my CypherCon talk slides

April 2019

Bovinium Quest (Midwest Gaming Classic Name Badge)

April 2019

Unofficial SGDQ 2019 Event Schedule

June 2019

Discord - Super Mario Bros 2 TASBot Payload (Shown at ESA 2019)

July 2019

Discord for NES

August 2019