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Circle of HOPE Presentation

In July 20th, 2018, I presented at a conference called HOPE (Hackers of Planet Earth) in Manhattan, NY. For this talk, I decided to present from an NES console using an NES cartridge, so the entire "power point" and software to handle it were written for the NES. This talk was titled "I Dream of Game Genies and ZIP File - Hacking the NES" and slides and the presentation video can be found in the at the following 2 links.

[HTTPS] I Dream of Game Genies and ZIP Files - Hacking the NES - HOPE XII 2018 - Youtube Video
I Dream of Game Genies and ZIP Files - Hacking the NES - Presentation slides (PDF)

This NES ROM was also an HTML page. It should be visible in Chrome. Firefox has an issue with a specific CSS feature and won't open the page properly. You can open the file in Chrome by changing the file extension from .nes to .html. This HTML page includes a Game Genie code generator and interpreter along with a Brainfu-- programming language interpreter. This NES ROM is also a brainfu-- program, so it can be interpreted by the brainfu-- interpreter.

Along with being an NES ROM, HTML file, and a brainfu-- program, this NES ROM is also a ZIP file, 7z file, and RAR file.

This cartridge, like the other NES cartridges I have worked on so far, has 2 ROM storage chips, one for PRG (program) data and the other for CHR (graphical) data. I decided to make the 32 KB PRG ROM chip data a bitmap image as well, which can be seen below.

PRG ROM data as 32 KB bitmap image of the Circle of HOPE Presentation cartridge

The 32 KB CHR ROM chip data is another NES ROM titled "Pressing Buttons".

Download the NES ROM

Due to this NES ROM file being a valid ZIP file, this ROM will not run on the FCEUX NES emulator in version at or above 2.3.0. Please keep that in mind before downloading and playing this NES ROM.


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