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My many NES projects

I like to make NES projects. You can see them at the following link.

NES Projects Page


HTTP server my website is running on written in Go

Source Code


Go tool to convert a gemtext/plaintext file (local or Gemini resource) to a PDF file using groff

Source Code


CSS Monochromatic color palette generator written in Go that makes WCAG 2.0 AA and AAA valid palettes

Source Code


Static Gemtext to HTML page generator written in Go

Source Code


CLI based secrets manager for storing passwords and otp (totp) codes

Source Code


Static Gemtext page generator written in Go for browsing through Git Repositories

Source Code


Gemini server my gemini capsule is running on written in Go

Source Code

TASD File Format Specification

A file format for storing data that can be used by Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS) replay devices to play a TAS on physical video game console hardware

Source Code


Haskell program that accurately calculates the 3D position in space of the Sun, Moon, and a latitude/longitude location on Earth for a given time

Source Code


Coin flip simulation program written in Python for getting fair coin flip results from an unfair coin using Classic von Neumann debiasing

Source Code


Python script that takes a ZIP file + an image or PDF file and combines them into a single file that is a functioning version of both files at the same time

Source Code


Network middleware audio engine written in Go that emulates a network connected through a Bell103 dial-up modem

Source Code

Root Phisher

Proof of concept Bash script that pretends to be the sudo password prompt and deletes traces of itself

Source Code


Scripting and templating engine written in Python for generating static websites

Source Code


Password manager written in Go that uses a console based user interface

Source Code

White Rabbit

Command line based tool written in Python for time management

Source Code


Python module that solves scrambled Rubik's Cubes

Source Code


Python module that can calculate the day of the week for any date (Ported to Go, Ruby, and Javascript)

Source Code (Python)

Source Code (Go)

Source Code (Ruby)

Source Code (Javascript)

Blanket Fort Webring

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