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I'm No Longer Streaming

2023-09-01 - [52] 6:15

This blog post will be quite short.

I just finished my last stream on Twitch tonight. I do not intend to stream after this point. There are quite a few reasons that I won't necessarily go into for why I prefer to not stream, but it will be nice having 1 less account to worry about.

My last subscription (which was gifted to me, so I will wait until the sub runs out so I don't feel like I wasted someone else's $5) runs out on September 25th, so I will file for account deletion when that subscription expires. My Twitch account is not following any other Twitch accounts now and I set things up so no one can gift a sub to me for an account I am not following.

Quite a few folks know that I prefer to not feed the behemoths, and this is a way for me to be true to my word.

Thanks to everyone who joined me on my streaming journey. It's been a lot of ups, downs, strange turns, and mostly the sound of crickets, which I tend to prefer.

At the beginning of this last month, my main goal was to finally beat Outer Wilds. Thankfully having a time limit pushed me to play through and beat it. I even got my last trophy on my PS4 today on my last stream. I'll try to get the screenshots off of my PS4 and write an Outer Wilds review on my site. It's an absolutely beautiful game.

I even beat all of the challenges in Superliminal today, which I feel quite happy about.

Again, thanks for putting up with me while I streamed, whoever joined. In speedrunner lingo, I am almost done with my Twitch% run... just have a long cutscene to get through before the last input happens.

I'll still be posting on my site, even if I'm not streaming anymore. <3

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