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Blanket Fort Webring

This is my (Vi Grey) webring for cool and/or cozy spaces on the world wide web. I call it the "Blanket Fort Webring" because a big part of blanket forts is making them. Want a wall? Add another blanket to the side! Corner of the ceiling falling down a bit? Find something to tack it down!

I want the sites in this webring to feel "lived in" and maybe even a little patchy. A commune of online blanket forts!

What is a Webring?

A webring is a collection of sites that are usually (but not always) kind of related to each other in terms of subject matter and linked to each other in a circular structure. Usually, there is a navigation menu of some sort with a "Previous" and "Next" button. The "Next" button takes you to the next site in the webring and the "Previous" button takes you to the previous site in the webring. Navigating through all the sites should return you back to where you started, making a ring of websites.

More Information / Source Code

If you are interested in joining the Blanket Fort Webring, information can be found at the Blanket Fort Webring Git Repository README.txt file (linked below). The source code for the webring can also be found in that repository.

Blanket Fort Webring README.txt

Blanket Fort Webring

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