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AirGap 2020 Commemorative NES Cartridge

AirGap 2020 was a free virtual conference put together by ThugCrowd and presented on Twitch.tv. This NES ROM contains the full conference schedule along with the entire Twitch chat for the entire conference, including the afterparty, running in real time for the entire 11 hours of the conference.

Important Information!

For the sake of archiving the Twitch chat data in its entirety, I did NOT edit the Twitch chat data. Be aware that messages deleted by moderators in the cource of the conference chat will appear. This is the entire Twitch chat log of the event and may contain offensive messages and offensive usernames. There is no guarantee all of the Twitch chat got recorded, especially if I ended up having any network issues throughout the event while recording the Twitch chat.

Download the NES ROM

Source Code

Blanket Fort Webring

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