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Hey, I'm Vi Grey! 👋

I'm a software developer who tends to program in Go and also tends to make NES games in 6502 Assembly.

This site is simultaneously hosted over HTTP, Gemini, and Gopher (http://, gemini://, and gopher://) using a server program I created in Go called Bergelmir.

A tor hidden service ".onion" for this site is available as well over HTTP, Gemini, and Gopher at qyhyibse6jpwlx273kpbxddsfj7hzylxu7sd3wccbx6r34zutiisqmad.onion

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Mastodon: [HTTPS]


6502 Instruction Reference
The Havamal

Places I like on the Internet

Sarah Petkus's (ROBOHEMIAN) website [HTTP]
Emily Velasco's projects [HTTPS]
Netspooky's website [HTTPS]
dio9sys's gemini capsule [Gemini]
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Devine Lu Linvega's website [HTTPS]
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tmp.0ut zine [HTTPS]
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Shavian alphabet info website [HTTPS]

Blanket Fort Webring

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