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2024-02-29 Happy February 29th! - Leap Year Facts
2024-01-31 Site Update - Offline Accessibility
2024-01-27 Thoughts on the Gemini Protocol After a Year
2024-01-16 Mia Unua Retjxurnala Afisxo en Esperanto


2023-12-31 My Site Now Specifies Language
2023-12-27 Hopes (Resolutions?) for 2024
2023-12-20 New Minnesota State Flag and Seal Chosen
2023-12-18 2023 Recap - A Year of Simplification
2023-11-04 A Call to Get Rid of DST... and Time Zones
2023-10-27 Winter Nights New Year Oath - Determining Time From First Principles
2023-10-24 I Want to Like Open Location Codes (Plus Codes) But I Can't
2023-10-14 Introducing Solar/Lunar Eclipse and Sun/Moon Phase Pages on My Site
2023-09-27 Important (Breaking) Changes to My Blog and RSS Feed
2023-09-06 Taking Accountability for My Vanity .onion Address
2023-09-01 I'm No Longer Streaming
2023-06-26 Using Dice to Generate Human Readable Passwords
2023-05-19 Password Fatigue - Managing Fewer Passwords
2023-05-11 No More GitHub - I Built My Own Git Server
2023-04-25 A Genie Granted My Wish... Why I'm Uninstalling Google Authenticator
2023-03-15 This Isn't Caesar's Ides of March (Why I Commemorate It on the 28th)
2023-03-14 Happy Pi Day (Only a Little Bit of Pi vs Tau Talk...)


2022-11-10 I'm Reclaiming and Simplifying My Website (New Website Design)
2022-09-29 CALENDAR_DOT_EXE - Added Jewish Calendar Support
2022-09-22 Google Authenticator Made Me Upset Enough to Make My Own


2020-09-15 International Space Station Tracker for the NES
2020-03-27 Implementing Conway's Game of Life on the NES


2018-12-27 2018 Comes to a Close
2018-08-15 DEFCON - A Good Kind of Stressful
2018-07-08 Presenting at The Circle of HOPE Conference
2018-04-08 Defining "Subtraction" - Building a Simple Computer
2018-04-04 Defining "Addition" - Building a Simple Computer
2018-02-02 This NES ROM Is Also a ZIP File
2018-01-30 I Made an NES Game from Scratch in 2018


2017-12-31 New Year's Resolutions - 2018 Edition
2017-12-25 Analyzing the "A Christmas Story" Decoder Pin
2017-10-18 KRACKing WPA/2 Part 2 - Android Exploit
2017-10-16 KRACKing WPA/2
2017-10-09 Cryptographic Concepts - Cryptographic Signatures
2017-10-06 Cryptographic Concepts - Cryptographic Hashing and Salting
2017-10-02 Cryptographic Concepts - Asymmetric Cryptography
2017-09-29 Cryptographic Concepts - Symmetric Encryption
2017-09-28 Cryptographic Concepts Introduction
2017-08-21 Picking TSA Locks with a Bobby Pin
2017-07-28 Making the Step into Electrical Engineering
2017-07-27 Emulating a Bell 103 Modem
2017-07-21 A Trip to the 80s - >telnet vigrey.com
2017-07-03 Systemd "0day" Username Parsing Problem
2017-06-19 There Is No "One Size Fits All" in Security
2017-06-12 WhatsApp's Backdoor Isn't a Backdoor
2017-06-10 Taking Insecure Cyber Infastructure to Our Homes
2017-06-05 Making a U2F Authentication Man-in-the-Middle Attack
2017-05-29 I'm Doing a Presentation on Two-Factor Authentication - June 8th at 6PM
2017-05-22 Looking Into Starting Audio and Video (And Showing Off Skills)
2017-05-05 Quick U2F Security Exploit Demo and Presentation Announcement
2017-04-29 Phishing for Root: Using Shell Functions Against Mac and Linux
2017-04-20 Facebook Job Start Date Bug Workaround
2017-04-17 Encoding Information into Images
2017-04-11 Eden Progress: Setting up the Database, Encryption, and Authentication
2017-04-04 Creating My Own Personal Assistant
2017-02-24 Understanding the Recent SHA1 Collision

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