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Webring for cozy/comfy "lived-in" personal websites.

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 # Blanket Fort Webring
 This is a webring of cool and/or comfy websites (HTTP/S).  It's
 probably mostly going to have hackers and makers in it, but I'd love
 to have visual artists, musicians, and other cool creators join the
 ## Want to join the webring?
 At the moment, I (Vi Grey) am the person who gets to decide whether or
 not someone joins the webring.
 There are a few absolute requirements I have:
 * Anyone who joins needs to be able to modify their front page to add
   a webring navigator (the point of a webring after all is to make a
   ring from site to site)
 * The site should be mostly navigatable if Javascript is turned off on
   the viewer's browser
 * The site should be generally "self made" (We don't buy blanket forts
   from a store, we make them!)
 * The site should have at least some content that isn't a blog
 Even if you follow the requirements, there's no guarantee that I'll add
 your site to the webring, so please be aware of that.  I can also
 remove a site from the webring for any reason, so please also be aware
 of that.
 With that said, if you're still interested in joining the webring, you
 can send me an email at vi [at] vigrey.com requesting me to add your
 site.  Please include something along the lines of "Webring site add
 request" in the email subject so I can figure out what your email is
 ## Put the webring navigator on your site
 <div id="blanket_fort_webring">
   <h2>Blanket Fort Webring</h2>
   <a href="https://vigrey.com/webring/id/{your-id}/prev" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">&lt;&lt; Prev</a> -
   <a href="https://vigrey.com/webring/id/{your-id}/random" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Random</a> -
   <a href="https://vigrey.com/webring/list" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Full List</a> -
   <a href="https://vigrey.com/webring/id/{your-id}/next" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Next &gt;&gt;</a>
   <a href="https://vigrey.com/webring/about" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">What is this?</a>
 Replace {your-id} with your id in the webring.  For instance, my id is
 "vigrey", so my "next" link would be
 "https://vigrey.com/webring/id/vigrey/next".  You can find your id in
 the "list.json" file in the root directory of this repository.
 ## Future Work
 Over time, I'd like to find ways to decentralize the webring so folks
 don't have to rely on me and my webserver to host everything, but that's
 a thing for future me to figure out.

Blanket Fort Webring

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